Let’s shape the future of hospitality together.

Our incubator program enables startups to test and prototype their product or service within the Compass ecosystem.


Areas of Focus

We are looking for ideas and businesses that sit at the intersection of food, hospitality, and technology.


Convenience Economy

  • Checkout experience
  • Ordering experience
  • Delivering to the customer
  • Automation & Robotics

Connected Experience

  • Personalized experiences
  • Spatial analytics
  • Virtual experience
  • Nutrition & Health

Sustainability and Transparency

  • Reducing food waste
  • Sustainable and safe packaging
  • Food traceability
  • Food safety

Kitchen Evolution

  • Smart kitchen (efficient and connected)
  • Food automation and robotics
  • Intelligent forecasting
  • New kitchen models (post pandemic world)

Food Experience of Tomorrow

  • Food engagement channels
  • Dining and food retail experiences
  • Food distribution models
  • New cafe and kitchen environments

Food Service Innovation

Are you working on a solution that does not fit into the categories listed above?

We still want to hear from you—send us your solution and tell us how your product/service can drive exceptional customer experience in a cafe.

What we offer

Get accelerated engagement and access to Compass’s expansive client network that includes some of the largest companies in the world.

Proudly serving at 98 of the Fortune 100 companies.


Access to Compass infrastructure

Accelerate your pilot and connect with the right people and resources, right from the start.


Potential partnership and collaboration

Compass will fund the pilots for the most promising startups, with the possibility of further investments.


Customized pilot support

Your dedicated CDL liaison provides you with hands-on support and ongoing pilot facilitation.


Scaling after a successful pilot

Selectees will run a pilot at designated top client sites for potential commercialization and partnership.

Application Process

  • Startups building meaningful, scalable solutions to problems in the hospitality industry
  • Growth-stage companies who can demonstrate their product/service’s applications
  • A committed, passionate, and collaborative team who is ready to be agile
  • Those who have a market-tested solution or a minimal viable product for the pilot

We accept applications on a rolling basis, but there will be only 2 cohorts per year. Depending on when you apply, you will be considered for the next cohort.

The best way to apply is through the online application form.

Since the program is a pilot-based program, most pilots will be at Compass client sites in North America (U.S./Canada).
As long as it is possible to do pilots in North America, there aren’t any geographical restrictions.

We are looking for growth-stage companies that are scaling and have a market-ready solution. Companies that are able to pilot their product or service in our food service environment.

The startups will be selected by late September/early October and will be notified about the next steps by email.

About Compass Incubators

To pilot new products and services in the Compass hospitality and food service environment to shape the hospitality experience of tomorrow.

It is a 4-month program which includes 1 month for scoping and 3 months for piloting at a Compass client location.

This a pilot program and a project manager from Compass will be working closely with the startup team. The time investment will depend on the type of product and service, how much engagement it requires, and the size of the company. There will be a curriculum for the program and engagement opportunities with Compass and industry experts throughout the 4 months.

The program will be held virtually. Depending on the type of product/service, attendance may be required at the client location before or during the pilot.

There is no requirement to relocate. The program will be held virtually.

This is completely dependent on the type of product/service and the pilot scope.

Compass will commit to a pilot fee (equity-free) that may vary depending on the type of product/service and the maturity of the company.

There will be a demo day at the end of the program.  If the pilot is successful then there are opportunities to engage in a multi-site pilot contract or commercialization with Compass—depending on the product/service’s maturity.

Compass works with multiple business sectors that include higher education, corporate cafes, healthcare, senior living, sports, and entertainment.

The sector will depend on the most impactful use case for the pilot.


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